What an assignment!

I’m back, folks. No more awkward and unexplained gaps in the CV because I’m on my way to Cork for the 25/7 News Corporation. I’ve got a map and a cup of black coffee and Zelda (she wanted higher billing, but hey, she wasn’t bottom of the list), and it’s going to be one hell of a week for this I-thought-you’d-died newshound. I’ll be filing a report each day. Hope you can join me, don’t let me down.

Posted by Bruce on 7.10.05 at 10.30am

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Learning is fun!

The 50th Cork Film Festival is rich in history. Today I’m bringing that history alive, brushing it down, and taking it out to dinner. You’d have thought that was worth a satellite phone wouldn’t you? Foreign Correspondents always get satellite phones. Seems mine hasn’t been delivered yet, so it’s down to the aerial on top of Zelda’s handycam.

Posted by Bruce on 8.10.05 at 2.19pm

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Talking Birds brings you in depth, behind the scenes, no holds barred reporting from this year’s Cork Film Festival. Celebrity interviews, director profiles, premiere gossip and much, much more.


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Careful what you Google

What do you think of those online maps? I think they’re overrated frankly. I find their lack of detail frustrating. Most modern news organisations have Sat Nav systems, I only have a pocket in which to put a Sat Nav system. Old school? Well, I was kinda hoping those days were over. So was Zelda. Zelda’s saying ‘hell yes’ here.

Posted by Bruce on 9.10.05 at 12.55pm

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Synchronise Watches

A live link up! Spent the morning attempting to discover the time zone which Cork inhabits in relation to the time zone which the 25/7 Corporation inhabits and to make the appropriate adjustments so the broadcast will be on the button, just after the sports news and before the weather. Don’t want to tell the time by the sun again, do we Zelda. (She’s so shaking her head).

Posted by Bruce on 10.10.05 at what feels like lunchtime.

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Message for catering.

If you’re reading this, I’d like a super size burger with everything on it and fries and a gallon of coke, send it out as soon as you can. In fact, send extra ones, frozen if need be. You want the same Zelda? Zelda doesn’t want tomatoes. No tomatoes for Zelda. She also wants some energy bars. Or some astronaut food.

Posted by Bruce on 11.10.05 on an empty stomach.

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On Families

I was conceived at a drive in. I believe it was during the Oscar winning movie ‘Marty’ during the year 1955. That’s why showbiz is in my blood. Physically in my blood as it happens as my mother nicked herself getting out the car that night and got blood poisoning which affected my early development. God bless mother. And bless her for telling that story at family gatherings, graduation ceremonies, etc. etc.

Posted by Bruce on 12.10.05.

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While we have a moment.

Been around the block? I’ll say. Ever tell you about the time I covered a small war? Well it was more of a neighbourhood war, really. A fracas. A small dispute. A quarrel between family. I got an interview with the dad. He pushed the camera. Gave you a black eye didn’t it, Zelda, the eye piece, you know, got shoved into the socket. Still, the piece was shown on 6 different networks. I see the same potential in this Cork Report, you know? If we can just...

Posted by Bruce on 13.10.05.

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Tips from a pro

The key is trying to find the question that a famous film director, or actor, has never ever heard before. But not to be too prying or oily. Try finding a totally original question yourself. It’s not so damn easy is it? Think anyone can put on a tux and deliver? God, the arrogance of some people.

Posted by Bruce on 14.10.05.

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Where can you get a drink round here?

Posted by Bruce on 15.10.05.

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<Unfiled. Bruce Uplink is offline>

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That's All Folks! The 50th Cork Film Festival ends tonight....