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School visits: We visited some other newly built schools in Coventry to look at how they had been designed and how they had turned out - to collect ideas we liked and to make sure we were well armed to avoid making any of the same mistakes. We chatted to staff and pupils at the schools to find out what they thought about their new schools, and we took our architect, artist and teachers with us. Then we shared our findings with the rest of the school. You can see some of the pictures we took of the schools we visited by clicking here.

Architecture Week: During Architecture Week 2006, we examined our existing school buildings and the site - we singled out the highest and lowest places, the lightest and darkest, the cleanest and dirtiest, the lightest and darkest and the best and worst bits. We cut shapes put of black paper and stuck it over the windows so we could watch how the light moved round the school site - marking its progress (where it shone through the holes in the paper) with tape on the ground. We put all this information together and sent it to our architects to help them with the design of the new school. To see more pictures, click here.

School Fete: During the school fete, our artist and architect made an installation with red fabric in the dell and asked parents, children and others visiting the fete to write onto luggage labels their thoughts about the new school - what they thought was important about a school; what should be kept from the old school; what a school built to last way into the 21st century would need... Click here to find out more.

Working with Architects: As their ideas progressed, our architects came and worked with us to try out different configurations of rooms on the school site. Click here to see more.

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