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School Designs

We asked:
- who uses this space and what is it used for?
- does everything that currently happens here HAVE to happen here?
- how should a classroom/cloakroom/toilet block/entrance hall make you feel?
- how can this be achieved through the design?

In small groups we made white card models of our designs - we weren't concerned with budgets or structural engineering or restrictions on square footage or building footprints - we just looked at school design from the point of view of being the people who use these spaces more than anyone else.

Oh, and of course we passed our ideas on to our architects.

[Click on the image links above to have a look at our designs.]

In 2008, a group of students were able to design (although not lay out) the toilet blocks for the new school building. These designs can be viewed by clicking here...or on the 'new toilets' link below right.

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