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This exhibition twins the work of contemporary artists working in Volgograd, Russia with artists working in Coventry, UK.

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Dolls by Tatiana Antipova twinned with Memory Vessels by Dilwara Begum.
Prints by Stas Azarov twinned with Meth maquette by Jon Ford.
Video works by Evgeniy Vasyutinsky, Evgeniy Zabaznov & Victor Nazarov, Fedor Ermoloff and Oleg Ushakovsky twinned with works by Alan Van Wijgerden, Talking Birds, The Depot Studios and Andi Brooks.
Photographs of Volgograd by Leonid Toprover twinned with photographs of Coventry by Alan Van Wijgerden.
Music by Slava Mishin twinned with music by Derek Nisbet.