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Saturday 27th & Monday 29th May

1.30pm 3.30pm & *7.30pm (*Saturday only)

Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum St John’s House, Warwick CV34 4NF warwickfusiliers.co.uk | 01926 491653

THE FEMALE WARRIOR is a theatrical account of the many surprizing incidents that befell the said Hannah [aka James Grey], born in 1723, in her extraordinary career as soldier, MARINE, mother, performer upon the stage & some time publican of London tavern The Widow in Masquerade.

Performances will take place outside in the HIGHLY PLEASANT surroundings of St John's House Garden in the town of Warwick [moving inside in the event of inclement weather] Members of the public are encouraged to bring with them rugs, seats & umbrellas.

Performances last a half hour though patrons are welcome to linger in the garden & take refreshment [coffee, tea & most surpassing cakes] from HMS Cupcake & make a visit at their leisure to the Museum of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

Performances are FREE OF CHARGE for the enjoyment of all ages, though some details of the story be SOMEWHAT GRUESOME.

For those patrons who require it CAPTIONING [subtitles] will be broadcast to Mobile Devices via THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE. To utilise said [experimental] broadcast, please contact access@talkingbirds.co.uk

» Disorder Contained
- a theatrical exploration of madness, the prison and solitary confinement in the 19th century

The final part of the Asylum Trilogy made with the Centres for the History of Medicine at the Universities of Warwick and Dublin; exploring approaches to mental health in prisons from 1850 to 2000, and the disastrous effects of solitary confinement at Pentonville and elsewhere, using research from Professor Hilary Marland's team.

At The Shop Front Theatre, Coventry 29th June - 1st July

Dublin performances 12-14th July.

Full performance details and ticket sales coming soon.


We're also busy working on The Difference Engine which is being opened up to testing across the UK this year.

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