» Decathlon

In 2012 Talking Birds was 20 years old. Perhaps less widely known, 2012 was also London's Olympic year and so, to celebrate both those things, we embarked on a year and a bit long project called Decathlon - ten artworks, each inspired by the decathlon's ten sporting disciplines. It was designed to involve a wide range of people as participants and audience...without them having to don shorts or get out of breath.

Our Decathlon featured interpretations of all ten of the traditionally-recognised decathlon events ranging from the 100m Sprint (an open competition for world-record-breaking 9.58 second artworks, which was screened at and voted upon at the Fierce Festival in Birmingham in March) to the 110m hurdles (which invited young children and old people to engage in a discussion about the hurdles faced in life, resulting in an exhibition of large scale photographic portraits at The Herbert Art Gallery in May).

More about the 100m Sprint

More about the Long Jump

More about the Shot Putt

More about the High Jump

More about the 400m

More about the 110m Hurdles

More about the Discus

More about the Pole Vault

More about the Javelin

More about the 1500m

Talking Birds has a noble tradition of celebrating anniversaries in style. Long-in-the-tooth visitors may remember that in 2002 we celebrated our 10th anniversary with similar hyperbolic flair, producing ten new artworks under the banner of the Helloland project. If you remember that, you may even stil have a desk calendar or channel-hopping prize fly...

» Other Olympic related work

To mark the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Coventry on July 1st 2012, we were commissioned to make Song for a Phoenix.

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