» High Jump

Earlier this year, Talking Birds, in association with Capital Plays and Writing West Midlands, put out a call for submissions for 5 minute pieces (stories, monologues, plays) which engaged with the high jump, either metaphorically, or literally. The plays or stories needed to be completed - not part-works, or works in progress - but fully realised in, and embracing, the 5 minute form.

The 8 selected works were:

Hugh Dichmont - Yankee Zulu

Neill A. Edwards - The Cull

Liz John - Ready

Paula Wharton - The Uprising

Martin Tomms - Crack in the Sky

P.D.Freeman - We Didn't Hang Around

Helen Kelly - The King is Dead

Alicja Shaw - Learning to Disappear

These were presented as a rehearsed reading, hosted by Talking Birds at mac on May 25th as part of the Capital Plays Festival. They were performed by Jill Dowse, John Flitcroft and Therese Collins, and directed by Nick Walker.


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