» Javelin

For the Javelin, we put on a sociable evening sculpture competition, where artists (solo, or in teams of up to 4) competed to produce the most interesting or ambitious sculpture – using only mini-javelins (aka cocktail sticks) and marshmallows.

Talking Birds took over a room at Coventry Artspace, as part of the Artspace Hijack on Friday 20th July and built a tent fit for a fiercely competitive boutique salon sculpture competition.


As you might expect, there was judging (via twitter of course - thanks to Dan Thompson aka @artistsmakers) and a host of wonderful no-expense-spared medals and cups for the winning entries.

» Here's how the event unfolded...the story told in tweets via Storify.

click here to read the event Storify story

*Spoiler Alert* Here's a recap of the results - don't read any further if you've not yet looked at the Storify story! Oh - and sorry about your eyes, chaps...

Bronze: The B Team

Silver: Beauty & 3 Beasts

Gold: Noble-Merrick-Potter


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