» Long Jump

"Celebrate the sinew-straining, gravity-busting, sandpit-raking splendour of the Long Jump event with Talking Birds who will be performing their homage to this most ancient and archetypal of the track and field events. With its origins in the ancient battle training arts - simulating the leap over rivers and trenches - it was seen as one of the most difficult events requiring the greatest skill. Experience the majesty of the pipes during the run-up, and the beautiful suspension of the leap itself. You may even find yourself reflecting on other great leaps of history, perhaps even those leaps you've made in your own lives".

The rain stopped long enough for us to be able to perform the Long Jump outside at the opening of the Royal Pump Rooms Art Gallery & Museum Leamington Spa's "Going for Gold" exhibition on Saturday 14th July at 2.30pm.

To the accompaniment of the pipes, Gareth & Derek invited audience members to participate in celebrating some of the most famous jumps in history. Beginning with the sport's warfare-preparation origins in ancient Greece, to the Soldier's Leap at the 1689 Battle of Kiliiecrankie, to Bob Beamon's "Leap of the Century" - and ending up setting a surprise new world record...


Thanks to Gareth Nicholls, Paul Boness, all our gold-medal winning volunteers - and especially Isaac who set Leamington's new Long Jumping world record with the help of two slightly incompetent adjudicators.

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