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Ant&Cleo was created in collaboration with Orchestra of the Swan and Welcombe Hills, Brays and Bridgetown schools, and was premiered at Stratford ArtsHouse in November 2014.

You can watch a short trailer here:

Ant & Cleo The Musical (PROMO)

Or you can listen to the whole thing, via the live stream of the Saturday performance - which is archived here on SoundCloud:

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Premiered at Stratford Artshouse (formerly Civic Hall) on November 7th and 8th.

He was Rome's greatest general. She was Egypt's rich and beautiful queen. Together, they were the world's most famous couple.

Luckily, all the icky love stuff has been written about by Plutarch and Shakespeare, so this brand new family-friendly opera can concentrate on Antony and Cleopatra’s lesser known ice cream eating competition, noodle-fishing and games of knock-and-run.

But there’s still an empire to conquer, and ships to sink, and a poisonous snake to avoid. Can Antony and Cleopatra turn back time? Or will that annoy the God of Time, who really hates people doing that?

Ant & Cleo is a re-telling of the classic story using a sweeping orchestral score, stunning design, and even more cheap gags than the epic Troy Story.

Many of you voted for us and our partners Orchestra of the Swan in The People’s Millions, winning funding for the project. The production features 100 extraordinary young people drawn from two schools for children with special needs (Welcombe Hills and Brays) and Bridgetown Primary School, alongside the superb orchestral forces of the Swan and four brilliant soloists – Birds’ regulars Sam Fox of Kiln Theatre, Jake Oldershaw of Untied Artists and Louise Wayman return, and we’re delighted to welcome Themba Mvula to the ranks.

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