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After the year we've all had, we thought you definitely deserved this!

From June 2002 to be precise - for your delight and delectation here is a festive flash movie that we *know* won't play on mobile devices, but if you get chance to play with it on a desktop, we hope you'll agree that it's delightfully retro! You'll need your speakers on and a trigger-happy mouse to play...see if you can construct a Christmas number 1 hit record.

Maybe you even remember this from the first time around?! Do let us know!

Anyway, you just make sure you do what you need to do to stay safe and enjoy the festive shutdown. We'd also like to wish you a very safe, happy and creatively stimulating new year, and we hope to see you at something-Talking-Birds-related at some point soon.

[PS This was the June entry on our HELLOLAND website - which you can find and play with here, but be aware that as it is so ancient - it was made to mark our 10th birthday in 2002 - there are a few links which no longer work.]

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