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SPACE was a programme, curated by Talking Birds, where artists occupied an empty industrial unit on the FarGo Village site (Far Gosford Street, Coventry) for 1 month to do/make/perform their work and then invite the public to experience it.

Although the Space Programme at Unit 4 is now over, no doubt another space will come up at some point and then - who knows? - maybe we'll run something similar again. Perhaps the best thing about the Space Programme was demonstrating that our belief - that (free) space and time are pretty much *the* most important things an artist needs to make work - is true. The demand from artists for the space was (unsurprisingly) huge, and the audiences for the work grew steadily over time, which suggested to us that there's a demand in the city for the opportunity to see experimental stuff which has no other home. It was a bit of a win-win project. We don't have the space any more, just the memories. But they are pretty darn good ones!

"The FarGo Space Programme gave me the opportunity to dedicate four weeks solely to one project and to spend that time in the space where the work would be exhibited. I found it challenge to work with a small budget but ultimately rewarding because I could focus on content rather than materials. The opportunity came around at a time when I really wanted to create a new piece but didn't have the space or time to make something on the scale of The Beacon Light Requiem. I hope it is a work that I can exhibit elsewhere because it is a piece that I am very proud of." [Cormac Faulkner]

August 2010: James Bourne

September 2010: Lily Hayward-Smith

October 2010: Call The Shots

November 2010: Talking Birds

February 2011: New Macho

March 2011: Nadia Wazera

April 2011: Hamfisted

May 2011: Black Spot

June 2011: Gabrielle Rucinski

July 2011: Charlie Levine/TROVE

August 2011: Highly Sprung Youth Company

Septmber 2011: Cormac Faulkner

October 2011: Anna Mawby & Chie Hosaka

November 2011: Ludic Rooms

December 2011: Heart of the Anchor

January 2012: Maiada Aboud

February 2012: Craig Clarke

March 2012: Jack Shuttleworth

March 2012 bonus track: The Primitives

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