» Online works

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» Helloland

To mark Talking Birds' 10th birthday in 2002, we made 10 new artworks and on top of that a little interactive web-thing each month. Hands up if you still have a Channel-hopping fly or a printed desk calendar?

You can still play with Helloland, but do bear in mind that it is 10 years old and you may (just may) find a broken link or two...clicky here.

"Type the URL into your browser and you'll be transported to a series of imaginative interactive artworks, accessed through a telephone exchange. Overall, the effect is akin to taking part in a David Lynch movie. This innovative and unusual site is a breath of fresh air. Great stuff." [The Independent]

"Talking Birds' wonderful on-line exploitation of the web involving everything from art to archaeology...Click to blow your mind." [www.lit-net.org]

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» The Virtual Fringe

The Virtual Fringe is a month-long festival of imaginary performances, exhibitions and events programmed to (not) take place around Coventry city centre. Each event is devised in response to a particular building or space.

You are the audience for the Virtual Fringe: We ask you to look through this online brochure and imagine your presence at this festival. We ask you to imagine the buzz on the street and to enjoy looking at your city with new eyes. We ask you to imagine your role in realising such a festival, given that Something, like Nothing, can happen anywhere.

"It is a very creative and practical exercise in showing just how vibrant the city could be...How artists can influence the arts policy of their local council is a difficult question to resolve: Talking Birds' independent but engaging approach could be something of a model." [a-n magazine]"

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» Web Demographic

Web Demographic is a theory about the world in ten (potentially contentious) parts. The theory was originally put together by our dedicated team of data miners, drawing on what might be seen as primarily trivial information supplied by Firefighters, Teachers, Artists, Website Listings Webmasters, Physical Therapists, Local Authority Development Workers, Pub Landlords and Guest House Proprietors who answered nosey questions put to them between January and May 2003. It was a Hothaus commission made in residence at Vivid, Birmingham. It's pretty old and a lot of the embedded flash links have sadly expired, but it's still mostly explorable here.

"Followers of Talking Birds' growing reputation will not be disappointed by their skilful delivery of sharp, almost surreal, humour...The straight faced satirical delivery...is joyful. The project is mischievous and absorbing." [a-n magazine]

"Outlandish and surreal, but at the same time, strangely plausible" [participant]

"This is silly but compelling...You can read some wonderful cod-scientific explanations for the theories then vote on whether you agree or disagree." [Cobweb Express]

"Even the apparantly silly things can be tricky to refute..." [Birmingham Post]

"Many thanks...for highlighting the ridiculousness of the internet. And art. And of Worthing." [participant]

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» Masterplan

Masterplan was a 3 year project in association with Creative Partnerships in two Coventry schools. It involved a number of investigations, at least one sculpture, 13 sets of school toilets and a mention on (sadly no longer John Craven's) Newsround. You can explore the slightly labyrinthine project website here - look out for the fabulously revamped toilets here, here and here (for starters).

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» Twin 60

In 1943, 830 women in Coventry, England, signed their names on a tablecloth. The names were embroidered onto the tablecloth, which was then presented to the people of Stalingrad (now Volgograd), Russia as a symbol of war-time solidarity.

The twin60 website marks the twinning of the two cities 60 years ago (in 1944) through the creation of a Virtual Tablecloth, made up of contributions from citizens of Coventry and Volgograd in 2004.

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» The Cork Report

Commissioned on an installment-per-day basis for the 2005 Cork Film Festival, The Cork Report's roving reporter Bruce Uplink brings you in depth, behind the scenes, no holds barred reporting from the festival. Celebrity interviews, director profiles, premiere gossip and much, much more (it says here).

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