» Past Projects

Whatever media eventually used, we generally talk about Talking Birds' work as Theatre of Place. By that we mean we've connected a place, its people and an idea to make a transformation of one kind or another - and to leave some kind of trace (sometimes only in memories and dust). Since we translate this into quite a few formats, not all performance, we've categorised some of our past projects here [ site-specific | online | in theatres | outdoors | with young people | music | consultation | curation ] to give you an idea of the range of stuff we've tackled so far, though it really isn't exhaustive.


» Site-specific or site-responsive works

Click here for more about: Three Doctors | Solid Blue | Wanderlust | Theatre Spectres | A City Grown from Words | Dwr Caru | The Last Lot

“a unique experience...There is a perfect harmony between space and performance: the event is as much a celebration of a place as it is of an idea. The result is both disturbing and thrilling – an exciting buzz deep in your guts...” [ReviewsGate on Solid Blue]

“Through sound and projections, the concrete pillars of the car park reconstruct into lavish archways of the former Victorian Aquarium. The whole space moves...Wanderlust is a bona fide example of a multi-media art event that delivers - always purposeful, never over-indulgent.” [Live Art Magazine on Wanderlust]

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» Online works

Click here for more about: Helloland | Virtual Fringe | Masterplan | Twin60 | The Cork Report

“Followers of Talking Birds’ growing reputation will not be disappointed by their skilful delivery of sharp, almost surreal, humour...The straight faced satirical delivery is joyful. The project is mischievous and absorbing.” [a-n magazine on Web Demographic]

"Type the URL into your browser and you'll be transported to a series of imaginative interactive artworks, accessed through a telephone exchange. Overall, the effect is akin to taking part in a David Lynch movie. This innovative and unusual site is a breath of fresh air. Great stuff." [The Independent on Helloland]

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» Work in theatres

Click here for more about: We Love You City | Capsule | Trevor Goose | Forever In Your Debt

"I have never had such an exhilarating and moving experience in the theatre! Outstanding - a truly remarkable experience." [audience member on We Love You City]

"Capsule was great – very engaging, truly unpredictable, and with a masterstroke in getting the visitors to become active...the narrative was evocative and intelligent." [audience member on Capsule]

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» Work outdoors

Click here for more about: The Whale | The Q | The OakMobile | Song for a Phoenix

"I loved being swallowed by a whale." "It was very beautiful and funny." "Unexpected and fabulous." "Like nothing I have experienced before." "A Musical Poetic Whale - absolutely fantastic."

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» Work with young people

Click here for more about: Troy Story | Masterplan | Space of Possibilities

"The result was stunning. A packed arena-style audience was enthralled as Odysseus and his crew made the ten-year journey home after victory on the planet Troy...Curtis conducted his willing orchestra with verve in Derek Nisbet’s communicative score, Nick Walker's script was a model of wit and directness, and vocal coach Rebecca Ledgard drew every ounce of pathos and glee from these amazing children." [Birmingham Post]

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» Music

Click here for more about: One Voice | Troy Story

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» Consultation

Click here for more about: Space of Possibilities | Virtual Fringe | Masterplan

"It is a very creative and practical exercise in showing just how vibrant the city could be...How artists can influence the arts policy of their local council is a difficult question to resolve: Talking Birds' independent but engaging approach could be something of a model." [a-n magazine on The Virtual Fringe]

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» Curation

Click here for more about: FarGo Space Programme | Virtual Fringe | Other Coventry <> Other Volgograd exhibition

"The opportunity came around at a time when I really wanted to create a new piece but didn't have the space or time to make something on the scale of The Beacon Light Requiem. I hope it is a work that I can exhibit elsewhere because it is a piece that I am very proud of." [Cormac Faulkner, former FarGo Space Resident]

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