» The Q

The Q is a celebration of the Art of Queuing. Talking Birds is determined that our nation’s pre-eminence in this field of endeavour receives global recognition. The Q is a highly accessible, light-footed and funny outdoor participatory walkabout or performance which will appeal to anyone who finds themselves in a queue.


The Q comes in static and walkabout forms.

1.Walkabout Act

The “Q Utility Vehicle” is wheeled by members of the mysterious orange-clad Q Corporation, to appreciate, enhance and entertain queues wherever they are found – at bus stops, banks, outside cinemas, at stadia. Orderly queues are applauded, measured and lavished with attention; queues which look fatigued are supported with chairs, umbrellas, strawberries; advice on how to queue better is offered for those queues which look a little rag tag. Q Enhancement Operatives sometimes form spontaneous queues, at fountains, or pieces of public art, just for the fun of it.

2. Static Act

When static, the Q Utility Vehicle’s inbuilt sound system provides a soundtrack for our Q experts to demonstrate popular contemporary Q’s with help from the audience - from the classic line to the cash point Q to the “S-shaped” Q at the Post Office; from the jovial Wimbledon queue (with free strawberries), to the nightclub’s two by two queue. The dark side of the queue is also explored through a shocking demonstration of queue jumping. The performance ends with an orderly, yet tense and thrilling, Queue Race where the public pit their queuing expertise against the Q Enhancement Specialists, followed by an emotional medal ceremony. (The Q Corp’s aim is for the pursuit of Competitive Queuing to be recognised as an Olympic sport).


» audience comments

"Loved, loved, LOVED The Q. You must go and see it!"

"We wore orange, we came to Brum & we joined The Q - it was fab!"


» booking information

Please download the Q pack for further information, including technical specification.

Watch the Q Corporation in action in our short video trailer.

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