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» We Love You City

A play of two halves set on Cup Final Day 1987 in co-production with the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry.

"This pacy production about Coventry's 1987 FA Cup-winning team occurs in real time as the match unfolds, with choreographic sequences that seem genuinely on the ball" The Guardian

"The play is ingenious and strong, passionately portrayed by a talented team. Keith Houchen's goal was a tour de force" BBC Coventry & Warwickshire

"Paul Warwick directs an excellent cast with a sure hand" The Stage

"really quite brilliant" Dave Moorcroft

"I thoroughly enjoyed it, there were moments that brought a lump back to my throat" John Sillett, Manager of the 87 Coventry team

"I laughed, cheered, sang and cried my way through a wonderful performance." (audience member via e-mail)

"Just seen 'We love you City' at the Belgrade: powerful, engaging, vividly brought back that weekend in 87! Go if you can." Dave Nellist

"I have never had such an exhilarating and moving experience in the theatre! Outstanding - a truly remarkable experience." (audience member via twitter)

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» Capsule

A chamber show for an audience of six at a time. Currently in our portfolio and available to tour.

"Coming to your shows makes me reluctant to go to ‘normal’ theatre, because sitting in the chair is not enough anymore!!! You make it worth it for me to keep coming to Coventry!!"

"Capsule was great – very engaging, truly unpredictable, and with a masterstroke in getting the visitors to become active...the narrative was evocative and intelligent."

"Absolutely lovely a real surprise!, I feel like a kid, didn’t know what to expect, or what to do with this feeling now the show is over ! Made me really smile inside. Total Joy !"

"Go Talking Birds! Most fun I've had in a theatre for ages. Cunning and warm hearted...and recycled too."

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» Trevor Goose & his dark night of lights

Trevor Goose and His Dark Night of Lights attempts to tell the bleak, yet moving, tale of The Little Match Girl, but internal difficulties with the band - Hans Christian and the Andersons – as well as with a Danish tourism officer and a missing celebrity mean the evening soon turns into the painfully amusing spectacle of a cabaret coming face to face with it’s own dark failings. Premiered at Taylor John's House, Canal Basin Vaults, Coventry December 07. Revived at Warwick Arts Centre in the summer and winter of 2009. Strangely most popular in summer despite being, essentially in many ways, an alternative Christmas show.

Available, therefore, for summer or winter bookings...

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» Forever in Your Debt

A touring co-production with Foursight Theatre.

"This is a very well-articulated play, with strong, rhetorical writing and performances to match. The set design is highly imaginative. Trap doors allow for the characters to move easily and to negotiate their roles as both actors and musicians. Thom, the director, uses elements of physical theatre to create moments of pause – the frozen statues that form a bodily refrain throughout the play – and these heighten the symmetry of the work. Derek Nisbet has composed songs for each of the characters, plus several ensemble works, and the rickety rhythms of his off-kilter klezmer ratchet up the feeling of panic that the play creates so well." [Arts Council Peer Review]

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