» Walk With Me

Think you know your city? Think again! Our Walk With Me actor-guided audio tours allow you to experience Coventry neighbourhoods as you've never experienced them before!


»Spon End

Your guide is engineer and radio enthusiast Herbert Cleaver, who has invented a device he calls 'The AudioScoper' in order to listen into the sounds and stories of the past. Herbert's device proves his theory that 'sound waves never die' - walk with him as he revels in picking up unexpected traces of Spon End's watery past.



Soundwaves never die. We can’t see them, we can’t touch them, but with the right bit of kit we can tune into them. Luckily, our guide Ruby has her Grandma’s Auditory Imprinter to do just that: walk with her to untangle the crossed wires and dial into the sounds of the people and stories of Stoke’s past – and even sometimes its future...

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COMING SOON: Walk With Me - Willenhall

Talking Birds' series of WALK WITH ME walking tours of Coventry neighbourhoods are commissioned as part of Coventry City of Culture’s Great Place project, supported by Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England.

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