Virtually navigate your way around the festival by clicking on the venues marked on the map.

1. Bus Station
[live art/cabaret]

2. Precinct
[turntablists & traceurs]

3. City Gate, Cook St.

4. West Orchards
[carnival/street theatre]

5. Medieval Basement

6. St. Mary's Hall

7. County Hall

8. Old Grammar School
[rock music/dance/visual]

9. Skydome Arena
[blockbuster theatre]

10. Old Fire Station
[city opera]

11. Subways
[video installation]

12. Whitefriars Monastery
[world music]

13. Lady Herbert's Garden
& the Garden of International Friendship

[visual art installation]

14. Millennium Place

15. Retail Market Roof
[dance/physical theatre]

16. Ellen Terry Building
[new writing/performance]

17. Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

18. Priory Place
[participatory journey]

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Lighting & Projection