Fringe Feedback

We'd like you, our Virtual Audience, to give us real feedback on the ideas contained within this brochure. And if you have an idea for an event you would like to see in Coventry, or would like to suggest other possible venues for cultural activity, we invite you to share your ideas via the site.

For instance, what do you think about: a 1950s festival in the Lower Precinct; or choirs from Coventry and its twin cities sing in the newly excavated undercroft by Priory Visitors’ Centre; or a lighting scheme pronouncing the dramatic, angular structures of Coventry Sports Centre; or the old swimming pool pumping station in Pool Meadow long stay car-park - that mysterious red brick building - used as a giant plinth for temporary, aquatic-themed sculpture?

Have you any ideas for other venues that we have overlooked? Or could you suggest an event for one of these venues: former Theatre One cinema, latterly Mustard Nightclub; Club Abandon (formerly Eclipse); Draper’s Hall; the ruins of St James’ Chapel, by Spon bridge; or the Stone House, Much Park Street ?

Below are some of the comments/reviews we've received so far. To let us know
your comments on the Virtual Fringe, or on any of the ideas listed above, please click here.

"I think what you're doing is really amazing, my friend told me about the site and it sounded really weird but after having explored the site, walking round town is a different experience, because you start to imagine all the events and it really does open your eyes to what we take for granted living in Coventry." (CyberReb, Coventry)

"None of it is going to happen, but pick up the impressively well produced and illustrated brochure and it all seems barely a whisker away from reality. At one level, then, the Virtual Fringe is a conceptual work of art, or, if you prefer, a stylish hoax. But it also has a serious and more practical purpose." (Terry Grimley, Birmingham Post)

"It is a very creative and practical exercise in showing just how vibrant the city could be...How artists can influence the arts policy of their local council is a difficult question to resolve: Talking Birds' independent but engaging approach could be something of a model." (a-n magazine)

"I would like to see a virtual festival around Spon End 'the heart of Coventry' (Coventry City words) where the juxtaposition of the timber framed buildings with looming tower blocks on what's left of the Sherbourne river with its urban wildlife both animal and human (particularly on a Friday night) lends itself to a brilliant virtual and real festival. The Sherbourne river with its kingfisher and ducks living side by side with industrial and human waste could do with a virtual installation on the river bank - I want Spon Gate House that looks over my garden to be painted in bright Mondrian colours to turn it into a piece of art on the skyline. I want the virtualfringe to highlight the beautiful flowers that a man living in the Tower Block has planted all over the river bank. Lets be political here - a virtual artistic view of Spon End may then encourage the politicians to transform the area that has been wilfully neglected for years and so the residents are fighting back with little glimpses of beauty." (Anon, Coventry)

"I need six tickets to the following; Ring road show, Quiet Riot, Dripping Swan, Mirror of Ages, Loophole, A comfortable Asylum and please not at the same times - days !" (John, Coventry)

"I can't tell you how impressed and inspired I was by your project - its really creative piece of work and one I hope that will one day soon become reality!" (Theresa, Coventry)

"Wow!  This is the best non-festival that I will never attend.  I have booked a virtual B & B which offers the finest breakfast that is sure to not satisfy any appetite.  My non-car is at the garage having nothing done to it in preparation for the great drive which will take me through scenery that I will never experience." (Pete, Scarborough)

"I love the virtual fringe and I am going to send the URL to everyone I know." (Dave, Coventry)

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