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The Ring Road Sightseeing Bus

Coventry's ring road encircles the city centre which was rebuilt after World War II. Condemned by many, this much-maligned concrete hoop with its maze of dizzying slip roads was once officially lauded as "the Best Ring Road in Europe". [MORE]

The Precinct
Largely re-built after the war as the first pedestrianised precinct in the country. [MORE]

City Gate, Cook Street
Completed around 1385 and one of the few remaining parts of the City Wall, the Cook Street Gate can be approached via Tower Street or through Lady Herbert's Garden, from the Swanswell or Millennium Place. [MORE]

West Orchards Shopping Centre
West Orchards Shopping Centre opened in April 1991 and was named after the medieval orchard that once stood on this site. [MORE]

The Medieval Basement under the Tourist Information Centre, Bayley Lane
The medieval basement was the cellar of a merchant's house originally owned by the Benedictine Priory which stood where the Cathedral now stands. Often thought of as haunted, scientists investigating the basement recorded a mysterious, intermittent, low frequency sound. [MORE]

St. Mary's Hall, Bayley Lane
The 14th Century guildhall of St.Mary's has grown in size and been altered several times since it was first built, reflecting the power and wealth of the guilds in Coventry at a time when the city was one of the most important in the country. [MORE]

County Hall, on the corner of Bayley Lane and Cuckoo Lane
County Hall, on the corner of Cuckoo Lane and Bayley Lane was built in 1783-4 and was used for the County Court and Quarter Sessions. The red brick part of the building was originally Governor’s House for the adjacent Trinity Lane Prison. [MORE]

The Old Grammar School, Hales Street
The Old Grammar School was built around 1340 as the chapel of the 12th Century St.John the Baptist hospital. After the dissolution of the monasteries, it was converted into a free grammar school - King Henry VIII - which moved to Warwick Road in 1885. [MORE]

The Skydome Arena, Croft Road
Situated off the Coventry ring road, the Arena is a central feature of the Skydome complex, which includes numerous pubs and clubs as well as the Odeon cinema. [MORE]

The Old Fire Station
The Old Fire Station, by Pool Meadow, was opened in 1902, extended in 1936 and was in use until 1976. One of the few remaining Edwardian buildings in the city centre, its future uses have been much debated since then, while the structure has slowly fallen into decline. [MORE]

Mile Lane Subway
The Coventry ring road segregates the commercial centre from the populated landscape. Coventry's subways bisect this divided city; an underground complex of passages meeting and diverging. [MORE]

Whitefriars Monastery
The cloisters of Whitefriars, the only remaining part of the home of the Carmelite Friars of 1342. [MORE]

Lady Herbert's Garden & The Garden of International Friendship
Set in the heart of an ever-changing city centre, Lady Herbert’s Garden offers people a tranquil oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. [MORE]

Millennium Place
Millennium Place forms the apex of Coventry's Phoenix Initiative, the biggest redevelopment programme in the City since the 1950s. [MORE]

Coventry Retail Market
The roof of Coventry’s famous, circular Retail Market is used daily as a very popular car park which allows access to all of the city’s main shopping areas. [MORE]

The Ellen Terry Building, Jordan Well
Hidden away at the top of The Ellen Terry building (formerly the Odeon), is a magnificent 85ft wooden dome structure which spanned the original cinema hall supporting a giant chandelier. [MORE]

Goods Lift, Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
There are two entrances into the goods lift, the main one and a side one. If both entrances were opened on the ground or the first floor, it would provide a thoroughfare from room to room. The lift is approximately 10ft by 12ft. [MORE]

Priory Place
The gardens and visitor centre have been built on the site of the cloister of Coventry's first cathedral. This cathedral church, which was destroyed during the dissolution of the monasteries, was not unearthed until over four hundred years later as part of the city's Millennium project, the Phoenix Initiative. [MORE]

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