Venue Accessibility:

Part of each artist's commission required them to conduct an access audit of their venue; this information is encoded on each page in the form of access symbols - see below for key. [This online version of the Virtual Fringe brochure also includes more detailed information on each artist's assessment of a venue's accessibility. This appears on the appropriate page after their project proposal details.]

Access has been considered in its widest sense. Where physical access to a venue is limited, we have encouraged artists and producers to consider what practical and imaginative solutions could be put in place to make the venue, and the work within it, more widely accessible to audiences.

The ratings refer to the current situation in the venue, and where an amber or red grading is given, we have sought to suggest how this could be upgraded.

Key to symbols:

red signpost
amber signpost
green signpost
finding the venue:
Green = venue easy to find. Amber = trickier to find (but appropriate signage and imaginative lighting could improve its visibility). Red = venue difficult to find.

red P
amber P
green P
Green = parking nearby. Amber = parking within 5-10 mins walk. Red = no parking nearby.

red bus
amber bus
green bus
public transport:
Green = nearby public transport. Amber = public transport within 5-10 mins walk. Red = no public transport within 10 mins walk.

red moon
amber moon
green moon
In the case of evening events - would you want to make this journey after dark? Green = well-lit access, parking and nearby public transport. Amber = appropriate lighting and stewarding would make it a safer prospect.

red access
amber access
green access
getting into the venue:
Green = venue fully accessible to wheelchair users. Amber = venue is currently partially accessible, but with appropriate investment in upgrading and/or creative use of the space, events there could be made fully accessible to wheelchair users. Red = venue is physically inaccessible to wheelchair users; but in this case artists may be able to use creative and/or technological means to make the experience of events here accessible.

red workman
amber workman
green workman
once inside:
This symbol indicates that the venue needs significant renovation and upgrading before it can be used for an event. Green = work is currently ongoing in this building. Amber = plans for regeneration are currently on the table. Red = as far as we know there are presently no firm plans for the future of this building.

red toilet
amber toilet
green toilet
Green = toilet facilities in the venue. Amber = toilet facilities nearby. Red = no toilet facilities at present - these may need to be installed or temporary facilities brought in.

red bar
amber bar
green bar
Green = bar/catering facilities on-site. Amber = facilities nearby. Red = no nearby facilities (but event catering could be brought in).